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Velvet Purrs In Paradise Launches

DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series Book 1

Velvet Purrs In Paradise is Live on Amazon

I’m so excited to announce that Book 1 of the DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series is now available on Amazon worldwide!! Join the celebration and meet the hot and sexy members of Devil You Know Kink Club ™ for some adult fun without having to buy your own membership. All it will cost you for hours of steamy sex club romance is the price of a book.

Where to Buy Velvet Purrs In Paradise

Click on the book cover above to go directly to and pick up the Kindle version (the print version is coming soon). Or go to any Amazon Kindle store and search for Velvet Purrs In Paradise, BDSMerotica romance series, BDSMerotica romance full length novels, or simply DYKKC. Of course, you could also search for Leya Wolfgang, and that search will eventually also bring up other titles in the series as they become available.

Book Trailer

So, what is the story of Velvet Purrs In Paradise? Check out this post to watch the Book Trailer if you haven’t already seen it.

Back Cover

If you’re looking for erotic stories, this description from Amazon will surely pique your interest.


Want charismatic characters? A potent plot? Sizzling sex?

She was a woman living in limbo.
Four men will lead her through the Gates of Hell.
Which one will take her to Paradise?

Erin Piper is a pretty, smart and dull librarian. But she knows that deep inside her heart is a lusty vixen. A surprise invitation to Devil You Know Kink Club™ is her opportunity to live out the erotic stories she downloads onto her e-reader. When she walks through the doors of DYKKC, she finds her home and three super sexy Doms who, each in their own way, help make her wickedest dreams come true.

The fun comes to a devastating halt when a scene gone wrong triggers Erin’s painful past. When first The Saint, and then Master Ronan and The Squire, betray her, a regal lion comes to her aid. Regis helps Erin lick her wounds and rebuild her trust. More importantly, he helps her unleash her inner kitty and claim her true identity as Velvet.

What happens when even Erin’s King fails her? Is her shattered heart beyond repair? Cast out from DYKKC, will she turn her back on the BDSM lifestyle completely? Can she find the strength to forgive her Doms’ mistakes, and her own? And will she gather up the courage to submit to the one man worthy of claiming her body, her heart, and her soul?

DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series: Book 1
(A Domination and Submission Romance Novel)
Leya Wolfgang

Warning: Adult Only Content. Not suitable for readers 17 and under. This work of erotic fiction contains strong language and graphic sexual content, and includes themes of Dominant submissive relationships, light bondage and discipline, anal play, testing the boundaries of consent, kidnapping, betrayal of trust, and broken hearts. But, it also contains the balancing forces of personal growth, respect, love and romance, and the redeeming power of forgiveness. And, of course, hot, kinky, dirty sex!

This is the first book of the DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series. At 109,000 words, it is a BDSMerotica romance full length novel. If you’re up for a bit of sex club romance, make yourself at home, get into the steamy vibe of DYKKC, and say hello to some of the sexy male Doms and female subs (and a whole host of kinky characters) you will get to know more intimately in the full length novels and shorter novellas to come.

If you love Alpha males and submissive women doing naughty things to each other, Mistress Leya says, “Scroll back up, sub. Don’t make me spank you. Click “Buy Now” and prepare yourself for a bit of adult fun. I don’t think I need to tell you what to do after that, do I? Good sub.” Wink, wink.

Devil You Know Kink Club™
Where Wicked Dreams Come True


By all means, leave a comment here if you like, but the real conversation will be happening over on our Facebook page at Facebook/DYKKCnovels. Head on over there and see what’s shaking (most likely some fun body part).

Pick up your copy of Velvet Purrs In Paradise today and indulge your erotic fantasies!

Leya Wolfgang



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