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Velvet Purrs In Paradise Hits #1!

I am really giddy right now. This morning, Book 1 of the DYKKC BDSM Erotica Romance Series started a 2-day Free promotion in the Amazon Kindle store. The number of downloads has been fantastic!!! (Expect more exclamation marks ;D)

Rapid Rise to the Top of the Charts

When I went to bed at 1:00 am (PST/Amazon time), the book was finally pricing at $0.00 and already had 2 downloads. I guess a couple of people were having a sleepless night. As it turns out, many more people had insomnia or were downloading from across the pond, because at 7:00 am there were nearly 1,500 downloads! Little Miss Velvet was sitting pretty at #7,894 in the whole Kindle Free store. No rankings in categories yet, but exciting nonetheless.

What a Difference an Hour or So Makes

At 8:30 am, I nearly fell off my chair when I checked the stats again. Velvet had clawed her way through all the competition in the Top 100 Free Erotica and cuddled right up to the reigning Queen of that list–none other than Maya Cross and Book No. 1 in her Alpha Group Trilogy, Locked. That’s right, that shy minx went straight to #2! Not only that, but she was making her presence known in the #26 spot in Top 100 Free Genre Fiction. What I was really surprised to see is that Velvet had sneaked into position #217 in the whole freaking Free Kindle store.

Velvet Purrs Roars and Goes for the Win

At high noon, Velvet pounced. Right now, she’s curled up on the throne, licking her paws and enjoying the sunshine. #1 in Top 100 Free Erotica, #6 in Top 100 Free Genre Fiction and (oh, I’m so proud of her) #56 in the whole freaking Free Kindle store. Way to go, girl!!!

Thanks to My Fans

Results like this don’t happen without help. I want to thank all my fans and supporters who have made this campaign such a success. I’d also like to say hello to everyone who has already downloaded today. I can’t wait to hear from you and hear your reactions to the book. I hope you’ll become fans of Devil You Know Kink Clubâ„¢ and will visit us here or on our Facebook page.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Copy

The free promotion will continue into Thursday, November 21. If you haven’t downloaded Velvet’s tale of her early explorations into domination and submission and the BDSM lifestyle, you can get your copy at Amazon Kindle.

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening.

Love and hugs,

May all your wicked dreams come true!



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