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Happy Valentine’s Day

Regis and Velvet have a Valentine’s Day message for you.

“Eyes open, baby girl. Let me see you fall.” Four more pumps and a tweak of my clit and he gets his wish. I tumble from this world and fall into heaven.

“Are you mine, Erin?”

I don’t know where the concentration comes from that lets me get the words out, but I tell him, “Yes, Jerry. I’m yours.” As soon as the last syllable passes my lips, waves of love crash into me and knock me over and knock me out.

As I slip from consciousness, I hear him growl, “Mine. Finally mine.”

Finally his.

p. 217, Velvet Purrs In Paradise, by Leya Wolfgang
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On this day especially, May All Your Wicked Dreams Come True!


Crystal says:

I totally loved this book. It gives a reader a lot of insight to the emotional conflict of the characters and doesn’t make all the Dom’s out to be cruel and uncaring.

My favorite line is in chapter six. “His voice is rich, low and sexy, Sam Elliot kind of sexy, and oozes over me like sticky, warm honey.” That is an almost exact description of the way Sam Elliot’s voice makes me feel. It was the perfect Valentines gift for me. My husband is an OTR truck driver and unable to be here and that really lifted my spirits. Thank you!!!

LeyaW69 says:

Thanks, Crystal. I don’t think there’s another man whose voice almost sends me over the edge like Sam Elliot’s does.

It’s rough not being with the one you love, especially on the day that is geared to sharing that deep connection. Just love him extra hard when he comes back to you.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Yes, Doms are people too. Cruel is just cruel and has nothing to do with being Dominant. D/s relationships can only be successful when there is a great deal of trust between the participants. That’s why Erin struggles so much. She’s not used to trusting men, and not used to having to trust herself. While I have a lot of fun writing the steamy scenes, it’s really the emotional dynamics of the relationships that really turns me on.

I’m writing both the prequel of the series, told by Mistress Raidne, and the sequel to Velvet Purrs, told by Regis. The prequel should be ready mid-March and the sequel mid-April. As you’ve read the book, make sure to sign up for the VIP Members’ newsletter and download your bonus scenes. I think you’ll have fun. You can also follow what’s happening at Devil You Know Kink Club on Facebook.

Crystal says:

I am looking forward to any and all new releases from you. The bonus scenes were, well let’s just say some of them left my panties more than damp. All of them were great.

You are a superb writer and I look forward to reading more of your work. Even if I have to squeeze money out of the budget to do so. It will be money well spent. Hopefully you will be able to quite your day job soon.

Best of luck!!!!!

Sincerely a big fan,

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